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What started as a way to unwind, be creative and take my mind of the often stressful day to day of being a working mom - evolved and blossomed into a business. A online store for knit lovers around the world. I am so grateful for every single soul who supports me and my brand. SBC is a small independent business located in Northern Sweden. Everything in this shop is hand made by me, Caroline and shipped to you - all around the world. Sometimes I feel like that hasn't sunk in quite yet. Thank you for being a part of my journey and supporting my dream of working full time with my brand - one chunky knit at a time. Follow me on instagram @stylebyc.se for more inspiration and behind the scenes. If you want to contact me send an email to - [email protected]

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Protected Design

I'm proud to have protected the SBC unique design. Design protection guarantees you the exclusive right to use a design. This form of design protection is applied for and registered with PRV.  I take great pride in offering original designs and products.

My Vision

I had a vision of creating beautiful knit products with a lot of detail. I also wanted to make sure that I could let my customers personalize and customize my products so that they would love everything about it. For example, when you buy a SBC product you can select between more than 50 yarn colors.

Materials and Quality! The majority of my products are made from 100% pure, un-spun merino wool.  I love working with Merino wool since it's is a special fine wool that consists of many thin fibers and possesses fine qualities. The wool has a self-cleaning ability because the fiber surface of the wool is water repellent, which in turn inhibits bacterial growth and poor odor. I love the amazing softness of merino wool. Experience the difference when you choose a high quality material. You will love the feeling and look of it. 

Nordic Chic

SBC is based in Northern Sweden. I've grown up with cosy knits keeping me warm during our cold winter months. I love the warm and cosy feeling a knit blanket or baby nest adds to a home. I wanted to share my love for knit home decor and I'm overjoyed when I see customer photos and comments of fellow knit lovers enjoying my products and feeling the same way as I do.