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Info and FAQ

All chunky knits are made from 100% pure, un-spun merino wool. 

The Merino originates from South Africa (cape) or South America depending on availability from non-mulesed flocks and the dyes used are commercial acid dyes which confirm with Oeko-Tex 100 quality system. 

Merino wool is a special fine wool that consists of many thin fibers and possesses fine qualities. 

The wool has a self-cleaning ability because the fiber surface of the wool is water repellent which in turn inhibits bacterial growth.

It has the ability to absorb and neutralize bad odors. 

The core of the wool fiber consists of two different cell types that absorb different amounts of moisture, causing one to swell more than the other. This means that they are in constant friction against each other and this movement creates a mechanical self-cleaning effect.

If it would be necessary for your product to be freshened up, it is primarily recommended that you only air it.

If you should get a stain on your merino wool product, clean immediately!

Run the stained area under cold water and once the stain is removed, press out all water and let dry un a flat surface. 

Flip it around a few times durin the drying process. 

Important not to twist the wool as it can loose it's shape and structure.

DO NOT wash your SBC product in the machine since it will cause the product to loose it's cloud-like softness. It may also shrink and change shape.

With this in mind and following the instructions above you will have a product that will stay beautiful and last for many years.

Pilling/shedding is normal and will naturally occur when using wool products. 

 The wool consists of fibers of a certain length and when free short fibers begin to move in the yarn, they accumulate on the surface as small balls (pilling)

When this happens, carefully remove these from your product with your fingers. Just pinch the pilled part off and the smooth the surface out. 

Initially, the un-spun wool can shed and pill a little more, due to the fact that the fibers have not been corrected. 

Pilling/shedding is normal and does not count as a production error!