Sleeping braid / Mysfläta

A soft and cozy braid for your child. Use as a decor or for extra comfort!

This product has gone trough a felting process before you receive it!

This process will slightly change the structure of the wool but is necessary as it helps reduce the amount of pilling and shedding. 

I recommend that you protect your product with a soft blanket or a sheet.

Since it's a chunky knit it has tiny holes in it making the product breath


The product is made from 100% pure, un-spun merino wool. 

The Merino originates from South Africa (cape) or South America depending on availability from non-mulesed flocks and the dyes used are commercial acid dyes which confirm with Oeko-Tex 100 quality system. 

This product has gone trough a felting process before you receive it, to help reduce the amount of pilling and shedding.


Comes in 5 different sizes.

Omkrets ca 36-38cm

Height approx 16-18cm

Since all of my products are handmade shape and form can vary and all measurments are approx.


The products are made after placing your order.

I try to have a small stock of the most popular colours at home (Natural white, Lightning, Pearl, Ash, Granite) If I have the colour of your choice in stock my goal is to make and ship your order within 5-7 business days, if not, I need to order the wool first and the delivery time can take around 3-5 weeks (with reservation for backorder at supplier) 



As with all wool products shedding and pilling is normal.

In order to preserve the soft and comfortable feel of your product, careful use is recommended.  Take  good care of your product and it will last for many years! 


649 kr